(103): Eye Movements and Rehabilitation


This is a 3 CPD accredited seminar by functional neurologists Tom Claykens and Jeroen (Jay) Postma. Watching the lecture and completing the exam will take you approximately 3 hours. You will be able to pauze the video any time you want -or review any specific section of the module. At the end of the video, you will be invited to take a 30 question Hot Potatoes quiz. You need to answer 85% of the questions correctly, in order to claim 3 CPDs.


The eyes play an important role in the integrity of the nervous system. It is important for chiropractors to understand the connection between the eyes, the inner ear and the spine, since the spinal intrinsic musculature is controlled by this very system. This module will teach you how to assess aberrant eye movements and deficiencies in visual integration. We will also show you specific eye exercises to address these issues. Last but not least we will explain how spectacles can create phoric changes in visual fields, and how this can lead to disturbances in eye movements secondarily effecting the autonomic nervous system.

The topics in this video are:
• extra ocular muscles
• eye movement control
• the visual system
• pupillary light reflex
• Vestibulo cerebellum & MLF
• Applications and rehab strategies
• RightEye®
• Review, references and exam information


Video: Eye Movements and Rehabilitation

By Tom Claykens & Jeroen (Jay) Postma / Brain & Neuroplasticity (Total length: 03:38:22)

  • Introduction Eye Movements and Rehabilitation
  • Part 1 Extraocular muscles
  • Part 2 CN III & IV
  • Part 3 CN VI strabismus and Maddox
  • Part 4 Eye movement control
  • Part 5 Visual System
  • Part 6 Pupillary light reflex
  • Part 7 BRAFO
  • Part 8 Vestibulocerebellum and MLF
  • Part 9 Applications and Rehab strategies
  • Part 10 RightEye
  • Part 11 Review References and exam information

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Graduate fee €150.00, Student fee €135.00

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Experienced Specialists

Your lecturers are Jeroen (Jay) Postma and Tom Claykens. They are quality maniacs and Carrick Institute educated diplomats, whom take chiropractic functional neurology out of its conventional straightjacketed constrains and give it a distinctive and practical approach. Everything they share is meticulously selected and is united by their common mission to inspire and help you be your best.

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All seasoned chiropractors looking for an easy and understandable functional neurologic approach, or new graduates in search of a stepping stone towards a full degree in functional neurology. For all colleagues looking practical functional neurology knowledge they can apply the very next day.


Our modules are held on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. All modules can be taken independently and each one of them has been granted European Chiropractic Academy (EAC) and SCN accreditation equal to 8 CPDs per module.