(101): Introduction to Functional Neurology


This is a 6 CPD accredited seminar by functional neurologists Tom Claykens and Jeroen (Jay) Postma. The lecture and exam take approximately 6 hours to complete. You will be able to pauze the video any time you want -or review any specific section of the seminar. At the end of the lecture, you will be invited to take the exam. You need to pass with 85% to claim your CPD credits.


This on-line module will give you insight into the functional neurologic approach in the diagnosis and treatment of disturbances of brain function, demonstrating various diagnostics and neurological rehabilitation strategies. The functional neurologic components will be covered in an easy and understandable way while exploring the neuroanatomy and physiology of the lobes of the brain. We will divide the left and right half of the brain and analyze the functions of the frontal, temporal, parietal, and occipital lobe. What are the implications of under- or over activity? How do the lobes communicate with one another and what is the blood supply? We will give a condensed review highlighting the most important aspects. This module is a great way to get up to speed for joining other Brain & Neuroplasticity modules.

Topics include:

  • Neuron theory
  • Neuroplasticity
  • Hemisphericity concept
  • Optokinetic testing
  • Blind spot mapping
  • Cortical stimulation/inhibition
  • Autonomic controls
  • Apps for patient home management
  • Manual adjustments for better oxygenationAt the end of the module you will have to pass a Hot Potatoes quiz with 85% to receive your CPD credits (6).

Video: Introduction to Functional Neurology on-line

By Tom Claykens & Jeroen (Jay) Postma / Brain & Neuroplasticity (Total length: 6 hours including exam)

Contents of this package  (aprox. 6 hours of content)

  • 01-Intro.mp4 00:30:47
  • 02-Neuron-Theory.mp4 00:10:15
  • 03-Pupillary-light-reflex-example.mp4 00:00:23
  • 04-Neuroplasticity.mp4 00:43:49
  • 05-Rib-and-Diaphragm.mp4 00:00:41
  • 06-Cerebrum.mp4 00:54:49
  • 07-Hemisphericity-deel-1.mp4 00:30:16
  • 08-Hemisphericity-deel-2.mp4 00:51:37
  • 09-Occipital.mp4 00:15:18
  • 10-Temporal.mp4 00:17:41
  • 11-Henry-music-and-dementia.mp4 00:02:47
  • 12-Tinnitus.mp4 00:08:20
  • 13-Vascularity.mp4 00:34:49
  • 14-Stroke-Cases.mp4 00:14:51
  • 15-Review.mp4 00:09:53

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Graduate fee €300.00, Student fee €270.00

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Experienced Specialists

Your lecturers are Jeroen (Jay) Postma and Tom Claykens. They are quality maniacs and Carrick Institute educated diplomats, whom take chiropractic functional neurology out of its conventional straightjacketed constrains and give it a distinctive and practical approach. Everything they share is meticulously selected and is united by their common mission to inspire and help you be your best.

For whom is it?

All seasoned chiropractors looking for an easy and understandable functional neurologic approach, or new graduates in search of a stepping stone towards a full degree in functional neurology. For all colleagues looking practical functional neurology knowledge they can apply the very next day.


Our modules are held on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. All modules can be taken independently and each one of them has been granted European Chiropractic Academy (EAC) and SCN accreditation equal to 8 CPDs per module.