Improving Athletic Performance through Functional Neurology Leiden (NL) Saturday 17 September 2022. 9AM-6 PM

In order to function properly, your brain needs 3 primary things:  oxygen, fuel, and activation.  This last aspect is accomplished mainly through movement.  We will explain how sporting activities as well as spinal manipulative treatment effects the brain.

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Concussion: New Insights to a Functional Neurologic Approach Leiden (NL) Saturday 5 November, 2022. 9AM-6PM

In this module we will elaborate on the functional neurological consequences of concussion.  Often times, these involve imbalance of cortical and brain stem centers, ultimately effecting the vestibular system, which leads to neurovascular consequences and autonomic imbalance.

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Neurodegeneration: Slow Down the Ageing Process Leiden (NL), Saturday 14 January 2023. 9AM-6 PM

Neurodegeneration is a complex multifactorial process that causes neuronal death in brain and spinal cord, resulting in brain and spinal cord damage and dysfunction.

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201: Neurodegeneration. Slow Down the Aging Progress

Seminar by functional neurologists Jeroen (Jay) Postma and Tom Claykens. Watching the lecture and taking the exam will take approximately 3 hours and 15 min.  and will give you 3 CPD (you need to pass the 30 questions quiz with a 85% score).

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202: How Chiropractic Adjustments Affect the Nervous System

Seminar by functional neurologist Jeroen (Jay) Postma. Watching the lecture and taking the exam will take approximately one hour and will give you 1 CPD (you need to pass with a 85% score).

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203: Neuron Theory

This is a 1CPD seminar by functional neurologist Jeroen (Jay) Postma.  Watching the video and completing the exam will take you approximately 1 hour. You need to pass with 85% to claim your CPD certificate.

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Nutrition: The Mind-Gut Connection Leiden (NL) Saturday 4 March, 2023. 9AM-6 PM

Most health complaints are a consequence of the body’s incapacity to deal with a critical amount of STRESS.  There are 3 main sources of stressors we are exposed to:  physical, chemical, and emotional stress.

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Vestibular Diagnosis & Rehab Leiden (NL) Saturday 6 May, 2023. 9AM-6 PM

The vestibular system is the control center for regulating and maintaining balance, coordination and overall sense of wellbeing. We will explain the anatomical connections of the system from cerebellum to cerebrum and demonstrate clinical tests you can do to localize where disturbances in the system may occur.

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101: Introduction to Functional Neurology

This is a 6 CPD accredited seminar by functional neurologists Tom Claykens and Jeroen (Jay) Postma. The lecture and exam take approximately 6 hours to complete. You will be able to pauze the video any time you want -or review any specific section of the seminar. At the end of the lecture, you will be invited to take the exam. You need to pass with 85% to claim your CPD credits.

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102: The Brain Stem

Various clinical cases will demonstrate the diagnosis and treatment of disturbances of the brain stem, using manual techniques and neurological rehabilitation strategies. The functional neurologic components will be covered in an easy and understandable way.  This 4 CPD module can be taken independently of the other modules in the ‘Essential Series’ and provide you with deeper insight into the clinical usefulness of examining the cranial nerves.

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103: Eye Movements and Rehabilitation

This is a 3 CPD accredited seminar by functional neurologists Tom Claykens and Jeroen (Jay) Postma. Watching the lecture and completing the exam will take you approximately 3 hours. You will be able to pauze the video any time you want -or review any specific section of the module. At the end of the video, you will be invited to take a 30 question Hot Potatoes quiz. You need to answer 85% of the questions correctly, in order to claim 3 CPDs.

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104: The Cerebellum – The Chiropractor’s Best Friend!

In this essential series 4 credit module, the neuroanatomical and neurophysiological aspects of this integration will be discussed in a clear and concise way. Common dysfunctions of gait and balance as well as dizziness cases will be presented. You will learn how to utilize special testing to recognize functional neurological disturbances of the vestibular system/cerebellum, and offer treatment modalities to address these issues.

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301: The Importance of Oxygen (Trial)

This is a 1 CPD trial video we have made for you to access for free, to show you what Brain & Neuroplasticity Online Learning is all about.

Oxygen is essential to life. We can go without food for weeks, without water for days, but air for just a few brief minutes! Our innate way of breathing has been altered due to big environmental changes like chronic stress, sedentary lifestyles, unhealthy diets, overheated homes and lack of fitness. This results in chronic overbreathing.

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204: How to fix leaky gut and inflammation

During this 2-hour (2 CPD) module you will gain insights as to the role of vagal control and stimulation using a chiropractic approach, and practical tips and advice on how to fix leaky gut using anti-inflammatory foods, supplements and life style changes. You will be amazed at the useful information and insights you will gain during this webinar! See more details below:

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Experienced Specialists

Your lecturers are Jeroen (Jay) Postma and Tom Claykens. They are quality maniacs and Carrick Institute educated diplomats, whom take chiropractic functional neurology out of its conventional straightjacketed constrains and give it a distinctive and practical approach. Everything they share is meticulously selected and is united by their common mission to inspire and help you be your best.

For whom is it?

All seasoned chiropractors looking for an easy and understandable functional neurologic approach, or new graduates in search of a stepping stone towards a full degree in functional neurology. For all colleagues looking practical functional neurology knowledge they can apply the very next day.


Our modules are held on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. All modules can be taken independently and each one of them has been granted European Chiropractic Academy (EAC) and SCN accreditation equal to 8 CPDs per module.