Certificate of attendance

All modules can be taken independently and each one of them has been granted European Academic Council (EAC) accreditation equal to 8 CPDs per module. You are welcome to step in at any time.

At the end of each seminar, we personally hand out your certificate of attendance, signed by each of the lecturers. Keep this document safe, as you will need as proof to register your CPDs. If you loose your certificate, and you need us to send you a new one, we will charge Euro. 20,- administration costs.

What do our fees include?

Our fees include coffee and tea breaks (morning and afternoon) with a snack. We also provide bottled water in the lecture room and an amazing healthy lunch. Last but not least, our fees include a Brain & Neuroplasticity binder (*) and full colour printed notes.

(*) binders are handed out to first time participants only.

Registration & Payment

Full payment must be received by Brain & Neuroplasticity at the time of registration. You will not be allowed to commence your seminar if payment is not made by that time. Payment may be made by bank transfer (see below), Paypal or several electronic alternatives.

Brain & Neuroplasticity will not incur any fees related to international bank transfers. All costs are at the expense of the participant and their own bank.

At the time of registration and payment, a payment receipt will be automatically generated by our website, based on the information provided by you. You will receive this payment receipt in the emailbox given by you during the registration procedure.

If you require an additional copy of this payment receipt, or a paper copy sent to you in the post, you will be charged and additional Euro. 20,- administration costs.


Golden Tulip Leiden
Schipholweg 3
2316 XB Leiden

Tel.: (+31) 71 408 3500
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In Person Events

Places available Practical Chiropractic Neurology (In-person hybrid weekend) Leiden (NL) Saturday & Sunday 18-19 November, 2023. 9AM-6PM & 9AM-1 PM

Weekend seminar (12 CPDs)  is designed to teach you everything you didn’t learn in college, but is essential for you to know in daily practice. This two-day seminar is great for those of you starting out in practice. You will discover how the body reacts to chiropractic. But also for you veterans out there, curious about the basics of understanding of how your adjustments are affecting the nervous system.

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Experienced Specialists

Your lecturers are Jeroen (Jay) Postma and Tom Claykens. They are quality maniacs and Carrick Institute educated diplomats, whom take chiropractic functional neurology out of its conventional straightjacketed constrains and give it a distinctive and practical approach. Everything they share is meticulously selected and is united by their common mission to inspire and help you be your best.

For whom is it?

All seasoned chiropractors looking for an easy and understandable functional neurologic approach, or new graduates in search of a stepping stone towards a full degree in functional neurology. For all colleagues looking practical functional neurology knowledge they can apply the very next day.


Our modules are held on Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. All modules can be taken independently and each one of them has been granted European Chiropractic Academy (EAC) and SCN accreditation equal to 8 CPDs per module.